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MobileLog 2: Logging Ham Radio QSOs on your PDA

MobileLog 2 features reporting utility that enables you to track your Worked All States and DXCC awards progress. To view a report, select the report type from the Reports menu. Reports available in MobileLog 2 are:

  • DXCC by Band
  • DXCC by Mode
  • WAS by Band
  • WAS by Mode

To display a logbook view of QSOs for a particular band or mode, click on the "C" or "W" next to the state or DXCC entity. A logbook view will appear displaying relevant QSOs for that combination.  

Sorting and adjusting report columns

Once a report appears, you can click on a mode or band column header to sort the data. Doing this, you'll see all of the confirmed entities for a band or mode, then all of the worked entities.

Column widths may be adjusted by clicking between two column headings and dragging to the desired column width. Columns may also be rearranged on the screen by clicking on a particular column and dragging it to the desired location.

Scrolling to the bottom of a report you can find total worked and confirmed for the band on mode in that column.

Opening a filtered list of ham radio contacts from a DXCC or WAS report

From the MobileLog report screens, you are able to display a filtered list of QSOs related to a DXCC or WAS entity for a particular band or mode. For example, if you would like to see a contacts for Alaska on CW, simply click on the C or W appearing in that column and row of the report. The logbook view will then appear with a filtered listing of QSOs for that combination. 

Saving WAS or DXCC reports to CSV, Tab Separated text files or HTML (web)

MobileLog allows you to save Worked All States (WAS) or DXCC reports to files on your PDA. These files can be viewed on your PDA or your PC. If you would like to view the report on your PDA, choose HTML. 

To save a report, choose File -> Save Report and then choose the report type.

Once you're done with the report form, use the QSO Form button in the upper right to return to the main screen.




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