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MobileLog 2 Installation


Before installing and using MobileLog, be sure to make a backup of anything on your PDA that may be valuable data. Also, if you have an existing database to import in ADIF format, have that ready as well.

First, download the appropriate version of MobileLog 2 for your PocketPC PDA.  Note that there is a  separate version for Windows Mobile 5 devices.

Next, with the PDA connected to your PC with ActiveSync, launch the installation program.


Step through the installation wizard. It is very straight forward. Be sure to check your PocketPC to ensure the installation of all components has completed.

The installation process will add a number of components to your PDA including:

  • NSBasic Runtime

  • NSBasic Win32 Component

  • newObjects ActiveX Pack1 family


Additionally, the process installs a database file to the MobileLog installation directory.

MobileLog 2 compatibility with MobileLog 1.X

As MobileLog 2 is a complete rewrite, both MobileLog 2 and 1.X should be able to live on the same PDA. However, it is highly recommended that you export your MobileLog 1.X database to ADIF and keep a copy on your PC. Then import this file into MobileLog 2.





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