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MobileLog 2: Options

The MobileLog Options screen allows users to supply registration information, enter latitude and longitude, GMT timezone offset, enable metric unit display, or enter pile-up mode.

Call and Reg #: Enter these values in order to register the product. A registration code is provided when you purchase MobileLog from http://www.n0hr.com/mobilelog_registration.htm

Lat and Lon: These values are your current latitude (North = +) and longitude (West = +). MobileLog uses these values to calculate distance and beam heading to DX entities.

Metric: Toggle this to display metric distances

Pile Up: Toggle this to enter pileup mode. In this mode, as QSOs are made, the QSO form is not completely cleared when QSOs are added.

GMT +/-: MobileLog will automatically display the time on the QSO in GMT. If you don't want to display the time in GMT or you want to force a different time, enter an offset here.

QSO Form: Click this button to return to the main MobileLog screen

Update Settings: Click this button to enter the changes on this screen.

Reset DB: To completely wipe out your MobileLog logbook, click this button.

Recalc: Click this button to reset all statistics and reorder the database. This is a very time consuming task.



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