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MobileLog 2: Importing and Exporting ADIF QSO files

Importing QSOs (ADIF ham radio logbook files)

MobileLog is able to import QSO records from ADIF files. Many desktop PC logging applications support this format. As QSOs are imported, they appear on the QSO form. The database is not actually updated until all records have been read. Therefore, even though you may see some records appear in the QSO form during an import, no updates will be made to the logbook if the import process is interrupted in some way (if you exit MobileLog for example).  

Note: Importing QSOs into MobileLog is an all or nothing task. If it is interrupted, no QSOs will be added to the database.

Exporting QSOs

MobileLog supports exporting to two file formats, ADIF and CSV.  ADIF is a format used by most desktop PC logbook applications. PC spreadsheet  applications like Microsoft Excel work well with "Comma Separated Values" (CSV) files. 

  • ADIF
  • CSV




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