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MobileLog 2: Logging Ham Radio QSOs on your PDA


The main screen in MobileLog 2 is the QSO Form. This screen is used to enter and modify QSOs. Simply enter data in the fields and click the "+" button to add the QSO to the MobileLog database.

Notes on using the MobileLog QSO Form to manage ham radio contacts:

  • As you leave the call sign field, the program attempts to determine the DXCC entity. The primary prefix and DXCC entity name (HM / North Korea in the example above) will be shown.
  • Enter your frequency in MHz. As you leave this field, the program will attempt to enter a band in the band selection box.
  • Only the Call, Date and Time are absolutely required. Other fields are optional.
  • In pile-up mode (under Settings->Options), most data on the screen remains after a QSO is entered. This way, if you are working a pile-up, you won't need to re-enter the Freq, Mode, etc. fields for each QSO.
  • To see additional (user defined) fields use the "etc" button.  For example, you may want to log the "QSL Manager", "Contest ID" or "TX Power" for this QSO.
  • The Notes field may be expanded by clicking on the ".." button.
  • The DX button provides information about this DXCC entity. Heading and distance calculations depend the latitude and longitude on the Options screen.

24 hour time format: If you would like to display your QSOs in 24 hour time format (23:59:59) then you must configure your PDA's regional settings. Go to the Start menu, choose Settings, System and Regional Settings. Next, click the Time tab and select the style: HH:mm:ss.

User defined data: With MobileLog 2, you are able to add a couple of extra pieces of information to each QSO. You may want to do this for example if you always want to log your ham transceiver (MY_RIG), your QTH (MY_CNTY, MY_COUNTRY, MY_IOTA, MY_GRIDSQUARE, etc.), a contest identifier (CONTEST_ID) or other important QSO information. To do that, click on the "etc" button on the QSO form and select the data fields of interest. Then enter details for those fields and click the QSO Form button.

You are also able to update the default user defined datafields.  By doing this, the field IDs will be automatically selected when you open this form. To do this, go to Settings, Data Field.



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