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PocketPC ham radio apps, links, DXPedition Map, HF propagation and more.
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NěHR.com Resources for Ham Radio

  NěHR.com is the home of MobileLog and PPCMorse - ham radio software utilities for PocketPC PDAs. 

Best Ham Radio Links - Rate popular ham radio websites here

NěHR.com has a completely revamped ham radio links page which includes a rating system, periodic validation and ability to submit new links. It's a great resource for links to antennas, amplifiers, transceivers, and other amateur radio websites. If you know of some good ham radio websites that are not listed, please add them.  We have 1000s of verified links in the system and continue to add new ones. Check it out!


MobileLog 2 - A PocketPC logbook for amateur radio


MobileLog is designed with mobile ham radio in mind, placing many of the same features and functionality found in typical desktop logbook applications into the PocketPC platform while minimizing keyboard tasks (such as having to enter RST via keyboard). With the dramatic drop in prices of PDAs and increasing popularity of QRP, ham radio-backpacking and other forms of mobile/portable ham radio, MobileLog should provide many users with the satisfaction of computerized logging on-the-go.



PPCMorse - Learn morse code on your PocketPC PDA

PocketPC Ham Radio Morse Code

PPCMorse is a suite of Morse code utilities for PocketPC PDAs. The freeware version, PPCMorse (aka PPCMorse-Basic) allows the user to send messages from a text buffer and configure various parameters (speed, weight, ratio, pitch).

PPCMorse-Pro adds functionality to PPCMorse, such as a CW practice mode.



PocketDigi - Ham Radio Digital Modes on your PocketPC (PSK, RTTY, and CW) - Open Source

The latest cool thing in PDA ham radio is PocketDigi. With PocketDigi, you can plug your PocketPC into your ham radio transceiver and send and receive RTTY (teletype), PSK (phase shift keying mode) and even CW (morse code). This is a lot of fun and enables hams to leave their laptops behind when they operate digital mode backpack adventures. Because this is open source software, it's completely free. Check it out.

The newest version of MobileLog integrates PocketDigi functionality! With MobileLog 2, you can launch PocketDigi, then capture ham radio contact information (QTH, RST, etc.) and send the information back to MobileLog again. 


Ham Radio Blog - Ham Radio is a Contact Sport

This part of the website is a journal of sorts of my latest ham radio tower and antenna projects, software development activities, contests, DX, or whatever is on my mind. Enjoy.


Ham Radio PocketPC and Windows Mobile Themes

Need a cool PocketPC Theme for your PDA that reflects your ham radio interests? Check our my free ham radio PocketPC themes page.





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