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MobileLog 2 Tour

Your PocketPC / Windows Mobile PDA keeps you organized on the go. But have you considered using it to manage your ham radio activities? With MobileLog, you can log your ham radio contacts while on-the-go..

MobileLog 2 offers significant improvements over earlier versions of MobileLog including:

  • Major performance improvements (speed and size)

  • Integration with PocketDigi, the PocketPC digitial mode application

  • WAS reports

  • Save reports as CSV, Tab delimited or HTML files

  • Landscape mode

  • User-defined fields

  • Easy to update prefixes and DXCC entities

  • Advanced reports which allow you to create a filtered listing of worked or confirmed QSOs

  • Logbook view

  • Compatibility with Windows Mobile 5 and PocketPC 2003 without the need for the Microsoft VBRuntime

  • Built-in on-line help system

  • An improved / simplified installation process

  • Automatically uses GMT

  • and much more

Let's take a look at how MobileLog 2 can be used to manage your ham radio logging activities.


MobileLog 2: Free vs Registered Copies

Logging QSOs in MobileLog 2; The QSO Form

Running WAS and DXCC Reports using MobileLog 2

Logbook view

MobileLog Options Screen

Defining DXCC Countries

Configuring MobileLog Bands and Modes

Importing and exporting QSOs

Launching PocketDigi




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